Business advice and coaching

Do you need help implementing a change process or reorganization? GelisCo is ready for you with business advice and coaching.

Your organization changes. Sometimes slowly, but sometimes drastically or abruptly. Changing course, such as business acquisitions, reorganizations, or a different change process, requires a fresh and objective perspective. Do you need someone to determine the focus together with you? Someone who looks towards the future, determines a course, and knows what needs to be done to get there? GelisCo can help you by way of advice and coaching. Or as a change manager with making and carrying out a clear and realistic plan.

GelisCo has a lot of experience with small and medium-sized businesses, but also with foundations, such as in childcare. Especially within organizations with high social responsibility, GelisCo knows how to trigger change. We ensure optimal business operations and management of your business processes, culture, organization, and recourses.

What does GelisCo do for a changing organization?

  • Determine focus together
  • Future-oriented view and actions
  • Increase effectiveness of business processes

Want to know more about business advice and coaching?

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